Know more about us:

Easy Web USA is a company based in Miami, USA.

With Global operations and with customers in the American, European and Latin America markets.

Its founders are the Brazilian entrepreneurs Tarciso Lima and Thiago Bauer who have joined together to innovate in the market for the development of systems, websites and applications.

Innovating and making available to the final consumer, systems in the RUST programming language.

From startups to large companies, they already use RUST, but only until then restricted to their own systems, products and services.

Easy Web USA is the first company to develop all products in the RUST language, a very innovative system, faster, lighter and infinitely more secure.

We also develop systems in traditional programming languages ​​such as: PHP, Phyton, Java Script, among others.

We are also the first company to develop an online TAROT service platform in RUST.

And we are already underway with new platforms that will optimize and revolutionize your business.

We customize your layout and create your website or application with an interaction environment for the user with the interface: UI / UX.

We are innovators and we like technological challenges.

The EASY WEB USA team is made up of highly qualified professionals.

We are looking forward to welcoming your project with open arms!

Come and meet us!